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Kabuki Room

Introducing the Kabuki Room — Immerse Yourself in the World of Kabuki!

The Kabuki Room incorporates various theatrical decorations and motifs. Enjoy a relaxing stay in a space reminiscent of an ornate theater.

The inside of the room features gorgeously arranged art deco-style lighting similar to that used in the lobby of the Minami-za Theater, as well as “pre-makeup” type lighting used in dressing rooms.
The hallway is designed to resemble the “hanamichi” stage section used in kabuki theater, and the curtain resembles the traditional “agemaku” theater curtains using the hotel’s logo as a crest design.

[Reproduction of the stage for “Kyo Kanokomusume Dojo-ji Temple (The Maiden at Dojo Temple)”, a kabuki performance]

“Kyo Kanokomusume Dojo-ji Temple (The Maiden at Dojo Temple)” is a quintessential kabuki program featuring Hanako Shirabyoshi performing various dances to express her love under a cherry tree in full bloom. The maiden performs numerous costume changes throughout the performance. Various illustrations including costume patterns, pictorial billboards, and designs used for kabuki prop sets are featured throughout the room.

[Rooms designed with specifications that recall a kabuki theater]

Lanterns with the hotel crest have been set up in the room similar to Kyoto’s leading theater, the Minami-za Theater. The ceiling—called the “gotenjo”—has also been designed in a gorgeous golden color reminiscent of the Minami-za Theater roof. The room also features “joshiki maku” curtains, said to be symbolic of kabuki theaters.

This concept room was designed in collaboration with Shochiku Company Limited located in Kyoto (the birthplace of kabuki). The design is themed after kabuki, the classic performing art known around the world. Enjoy a relaxing stay in a space reminiscent of an ornate theater with theatrical decorations and motifs incorporated in various locations, all with a backdrop featuring a cherry tree in full bloom. With privileges only available to overnight guests, this kabuki room offers a memorable experience for both foreign travelers and Japanese based on the world of kabuki, a popular traditional art known throughout the world.


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